Practicing bodybuilding is primarily associated with the sight of over-muscled men, whose only clothes are sports tracksuits, and food is nutrients. It’s time to destroy the prevailing myths and learn about the history of this sport and its variety successfully trained by women.

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Bodybuilding is a sport that can be practiced professionally and as an amateur. It’s all about shaping your muscles through strength exercises. This sport appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, although the disciplines which inspired it to devise strength training existed much earlier. First of all, wrestling and armwrestling should be mentioned here. The way of shaping the body in the case of these sports is similar to bodybuilding. It is worth adding that, as in any sports discipline, there is competition that mobilizes you to even greater effort and achieve the best results. It is possible thanks to competitions organized at various levels, which are very popular among fans.

Bodybuilding is known to a wider audience through famous and popular sportsmen whose careers have often penetrated into show business. It is enough to mention the bodybuilder, actor, celebrity and governor – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Despite the fact that the sports discipline in question is practiced mainly by men, it is becoming more and more popular among women. Bodybuilding for women, due to their different body physiology, has a different set of exercises than those performed by men. The number of people professionally involved in training is also smaller. However, strength exercises are gaining more and more sympathy for women who want to lose a few extra pounds, because there is no woman who has not exercised at the gym at least once.

Women’s bodybuilding takes into account the physique of women and their strength capabilities. Practicing this sport is an ideal way to improve your physical condition, tone your body, and improve your well-being and self-esteem. As you know, women should become the weaker sex, which is why there are often concerns whether strength exercises for women will cause excessive muscle growth. Well, such a fear is not justified, because they lack the natural predispositions that men have.

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The question is, is bodybuilding healthy? Well, like any other physical activity, it has a number of benefits. Controlled by a professional trainer, it can improve the cardiovascular system, metabolism and immune system. The popular going to the gym can also delay the aging process of the skin. However, it should be remembered that the exercises are performed under the supervision of a trainer, otherwise we may get injured or discourage from further training. When fighting unnecessary kilograms, the trainer will not only choose exercises that shape problematic parts of the body, but also advise on the selection of an appropriate diet.

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